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Author Guidelines

  • Lupine is a motivated and novel Publisher that is engaged for publication of original research works along with all the Reviews, Cases, Opinions, Perspective Articles, videos, etc. including the results that supports and strengthens the quality of papers like figures, tables, videos, statistical graphs, X-rays, Scanned images in all major disciplines of in-depth medical and clinical sciences. Doctors are encouraged and invited specially to contribute interesting case reports that they handle in their day to day life.
  • Manuscripts received are processed by us, with the commitment from the authors that they are not published or are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • The journal considers manuscripts for Open access publication that are merely prepared in accordance with the Guidelines framed by Lupine Team for the Uniform Requirements of Manuscripts submissions.

You are welcome to submit manuscripts online at:

Open Access Policy

All the published papers are accessible freely viewed/ copied/ downloadable and printed by all the individuals without any legal, technical, financial barriers.

Plagiarism Analysis

All the articles must contain a minimum of 75% unique content (should not be copied from any other web sources). In the Results and conclusion part of text the uniqueness must be 100%. The articles having below 75% are returned to the authors for revision and asked for resubmissions with adequate uniqueness.

Assets of Publishing With Us

  • Rapid peer-review
  • Publication in 3 weeks
  • Experienced Editorial Board
  • Low article processing charges
  • Global achieving of articles
  • Authors retain copyright
  • Submit Manuscript Online

Preparation of Manuscripts

Must Haves:
  • 1. Cover Letter: Authors are requested to submit a cover letter mentioning all the authors and co-author’s information with Department, University, Address, Correspondence details, Country, Email, Telephone number details.
  • 2. Main Manuscript: Submit as a single file or Zip folder (in case exceeds the size limit) either in MS Word or PDF with all Abstract, Keywords, Abbreviations, Figures, Tables, Appendices, References, inserted at appropriate places in the text of the article.
  • 3. Supporting Information: If authors are interested to add any supporting information like acknowledgements, conflicts of interests, author’s contributions, Funding availability, Dedications, Thank Notes etc. they can add at the end of the manuscript itself.

Main Manuscripts should be framed in accordance with the type of the article, that includes various types:

Eg. Research Papers:


Title page,
Materials and Methods,
Figures and Legends

All manuscripts should be written in English and number all the pages consecutively beginning with the title page.

Click Here to submit your manuscript, you can even mail us at

Article Processing Charges

The journals of the Lupine publishers do not receive payments from subscription as they are available open access without any restriction. A peer-reviewed, edited, and formatted manuscript which is ready for publication made available open access and print-enabled version requires processing charges. We are stand-alone organization and do not receive any funding from any institution/government. Thus, we request author bear the processing charges and these fees paid by the authors cover the cost of journal production like, web hosting, CMS, database, online repository, archiving, peer review, editing, open access publication, and modest publication fees borne by the authors. The charges meet the expenses of our employees, salaries, internet services, electricity etc.

The APC’s for various articles are very reliable and nominal, which are as follows:

Country Others Opinion (OP) Short Communication (SC) Mini Review (MRW) Review (RW) Case Report (CR) Research (RA)
High Income Countries $419 $749 $814 $916 $1080 $1224 $1599
Middle Income Countries $499 $612 $764 $811 $999 $1114 $1349
Low Income countries $399 $411 $565 $662 $729 $864 $1080


Reprints are produced only on the special request and prior discussion with the authors through mails and are charged based on the article size, page limit, postal address, number of copies etc. of the individual articles. The reprints are issued when the article is published with the paid APC’s.

Memberships and Subscriptions for Author/Editorial Committee Members:

The authors and the Editorial Board Members are always given with a special consideration in the BJSTR family and are offered with the special Subscription and membership plans unlike the others.

$1250 for Annual subscription (valid for all the issues)

Universities/Organizations/Medical Centers
$2500 per annual subscriptions

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